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The vapour permeability of wood insulation

We breathe, cook, take the shower, wash, water the flowers. It leads to accumulation of significant amount of water vapors (average amount is 10-15 liters of water per day in an apartment and house where 3-4 people live).

The dwellers of modern apartments know about the unfavorable things as follows: it is suffocating in the room, condensate water is on the windows in the winter, mold growth in the windows and jambs

There is always a healthy microclimate in the wooden houses, where it is comfortable and easy to breath in any weather.

That feature is based on the wood properties thanks to them the wood can absorb the water. The wood transfers through itself the excessive humidity and releases it into the atmosphere.

The functions of the wood heat insulation are like the wood.’s ones. It regulates the humidity in any room faster and better. The wood heat insulation regulates the humidity and creates a perfect constant microclimate in the room.

For example: in the sauna and bathhouse the wood heat insulation transfers through itself the excessive humidity and when the humidity is very low and it is dry, it returns the humidity to the room of sauna, it regulates the humidity in the room in such a manner.

The water goes in the capillaries of wood heat insulation and dries the pores between the fibers. 80-90% of insulation consists of the air.